The World’s Largest Live Bottom Trailer Manufacturer

Trout River Industries Inc.

Trout River Industries is a leading manufacturer of live bottom and their patented Shuttle Floor trailer. Located on Canada’s east coast, Trout River specializes in providing innovative transport solutions that help their customer’s make more money at more times of the year. Trout River Industries built their first live bottom trailer in 1999. Since that time, they have grown to become the world’s largest live bottom trailer manufacturer.

Their ideals in providing a quality product that is both innovative and strong has helped to build their reputation across the globe.

Trout River’s ideology of providing practical solutions to serve the end user’s needs is always at the forefront. “We love working with our customers to provide a solution that helps their needs. If we can’t help them, we don’t waste their time.” Says Darrin Mitchell; the company’s CEO. “We are fortunate to have a sales network across the globe who shares those same ideals.” finishes Mitchell.

Member Information

Trout River live bottom trailers are available across North America, Europe, The Middle East, and Australia. For more information visit:

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