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Starlim North America Corporation

Starlim North America is based in the geographically convenient city of London, ON. We specialize in custom LSR moulding for health care & automotive industries, but are no stranger to the manufacturing of telecommunications, computer, sanitary or industrial products.

Although Starlim's doors opened in only 2004, our mother company based in Marchtrenk, Austria has been substantially expanding world-wide since 1974. Decades of dedication, experience, creativity & continuous improvement have gone into our proprietary, fully automated, lean manufacturing technologies, which allow Starlim to produce billions of flash-free silicone rubber parts each year with 6 sigma quality. We offer the advantages of customized product engineering support from your primary design stages all the way to the finished product. To ensure quality, we have a dedicated team monitor the production process at every stage of the product's cycle. At Starlim, we are dedicated to our partnerships & working as a team whether it is with our suppliers, employees or customers. In every relationship we build, internal or external, we work to develop loyalty.

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