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Smart Turner Pumps Inc.

Smart Turner Pumps Inc, computer technology is backed by over 140 years of manufacturing and engineering experience!

Smart Turner Pumps' roots go back to the 1870's when a machine shop was in operation in Hamilton, Ontario. In the late 1800's the company operated as the Smart-Eby Company, establishing a reputation for excellence in pumping and other machinery. Their industrial pumps can be found all over the world and in various sectors.

Smart Turner Pumps maintains its head office, plant and main sales office in Brantford, Ontario, Canada and have offices and distributors throughout the world. Today’s President came to Brantford in the mid 1960’s, as a young man looking for a good job. As a Tool and Die Maker by Trade, he found an apprenticeship that later served him well when Smart Turner Pumps was purchased.

They have been great advocates in their own community as is recognized in them receiving the City of Brantford Ambassador Award in 2011 for promoting Brantford as a great place to live and do business in dealing with suppliers and customers alike in their travels. Smart Turner Pumps has successfully moved chemicals, oils, beverages, sewage, slurries... almost any liquid. Their in-depth knowledge is your assurance of sound design, competent application, and quality workmanship. It is this combination that has earned <strong>Smart Turner Pumps Inc</strong> a reputation for consistent performance with minimum maintenance.

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