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Primex is one of British Columbia’s leading plastic media panel manufacturers, and a major player in the Canadian fiber and home connectivity space.

Headquartered in Langley, BC, the company has been designing, developing, and producing products for broadband connectivity since 1974, and has become a trusted brand in corporate and home connection activities. The company is dedicated to stoking effective fiber deployment and structured wiring practices for a diverse variety of constructions, and provides its customers with the necessary guidance, support, and documentation to ensure operational success and prevent usage error.

Throughout its several decades of activity, Primex has remained consistently dedicated to its core company values of innovation, accessibility, and adaptivity to modern customer preferences, and has remained on the cutting edge of Canada’s plastic molding industry since its inception. Today, Primex employs nearly 200 workers across its various production facilities, has installed over 1.5 million plastic products for its extensive customer base, and maintains a far-reaching professional network containing some of the biggest organizations in British Columbian manufacturing. Moving forward, the company plans to continuously service its collective target demographic through innovative broadband technology and an ever-growing knowledge of connectivity processes.

Learn more about Primex today at the company’s website, and visit the Primex LinkedIn page for further professional information.

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