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Onward Cluthe

Onward Cluthé is an 9001:2008 ISO registered leader in custom injection moulding located in Kitchener, Ontario servicing the consumer products, medical, recreational vehicles, appliances, sport hunting, lawn and garden, outdoor grills, hardware, ergonomic accessories, construction, promotional, plumbing, and music instrument markets across Canada and United States.

We are able to provide "best in class" service of innovative solutions for all your plastic needs. With over 25 years of plastic moulding experience, 22 injection moulding machines we offer full service product realization.

We've recently celebrated 1000 days with no lost time injury. Our previous record was 553 days. Each shift participated in celebrations, which included refreshments, prizes and thank-you gift cards.

Since becoming members of EMC Safety group in 2007 we have worked tirelessly to develop and maintain our safety program. Our commitment to health and safety is an integral part of this organization from the President to the workers.

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