Investing in Capital and Corporate Culture, why both are integral to growing this natio

Muskoka Brewery

Muskoka Brewery’s vision is to be Canada’s most trusted and iconic beer brand. The continuous investment in our team and brewery has allowed our business to be recognized as one of Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures and a successful Ontario Craft brewery. We hold strong to our values: resolve, caring, authentic, unique, and thirsty. Combined, these are cornerstone to our growth and to withhold our position as a leader in the Ontario market.

Investment in capital is paramount to our growth and subsequent successes. Our $5 million capital investment in the spring of 2018 went into an accelerated canning line and keg filler with great automation, as well as a significant expansion including the taproom, beer fridge and space for community engagement. The canning line now produces at speeds of 225 to 250 cans per minute, and the keg filler has the potential to reach 1000 fills over three days. We continue to invest in the tools for improved safety, high quality processes, and to support our team in leading the way in innovative concepts for the brewing industry. We challenge ourselves to do what is right for our beers, like exclusively using a centrifuge to clarify beer versus traditional filter technology.

Investment in people development: Investing in our team is paramount. This includes participation in the North American Beer conference, training and networking opportunities for all departments and positions, leadership training for up and coming stars, industry leading product training for all team members, tuition reimbursement programs, proactive safety programs and training recognized by Ministry of Labour and our EMC community. As the first Canadian brewery to be Living Wage certified, we are active members of the organization’s community group, furthering our role to develop the program locally in Muskoka District's Living Wage Committee. Venture Off The Beaten Path: Forging new ways is a key strategy in what makes our brewery a leader in the industry and community. We are restless in our approach; constantly feeding a culture of innovation and collaboration. A prime example is our Moonlight Kettle Series (MLK). From liquid to lips, MLK sets a Brewer up with 2 other team members from various departments to collaborate over a unique monthly brew of their choice. It’s a great way to create cross-functional teams and educate our staff on the brewing process.

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