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Marwood Metal Fabrication

Marwood Metal Fabrication owes a lot of their success to a great safety culture that has been fully adopted and supported by all employees.

  • Lost time injury free since June 21, 2008
  • 8 years + 7 months No Lost Time
  • Over 5 Million Hours No Lost Time

Combine that culture with a strong Internal Responsibility System, the hard work of five Joint Health and Safety Committees and the support and commitment of the Company Executives and the result is the recipe for the success of Marwood Metal Fabrication Limited’s safety performance. To help support this, about 6 years Marwood President and the Directors put an incentive plan in place where the EMC Safety Group rebate and WSIB rebate would be split up amongst all the employees as a safety award. With the emphasis on it taking everyone having a vested interest in protecting the safety of himself, herself and fellow employees to ensure that incentive is as big as possible through being as safe as possible. Using that as the backbone to get everyone actively involved, has allowed us to build a program where employees are engaged in the work they do, using PPE when required, following safe work practices, making suggestions to improve our H&S program and looking out for each other’s safety day in and day out.

Marwood have all the regular components of a good safety program, but it takes employee support and engagement to make it truly a successful safety culture.

About Us! Marwood was founded in 1990 by Chris Wood, Henry Spanjers, and Erwin Hawel. It started in a 10,000-sq.ft. facility in the small Ontario community of Brownsville with two presses and nine employees. Our first customer was CAMI Automotive, Ingersoll, Ontario. Today, we have 23 presses, work with some of the leaders in the industry, and employ hundreds of skilled people throughout our three manufacturing facilities and two sales offices located across three countries: Canada, the US and Japan. he growth of Marwood Metal Fabrication has been carefully managed. We’ve kept it nimble enough to offer the personalized service we are known for and to support our customers in today’s ever-changing environment.

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