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KTH Shelburne Mfg

KTH Shelburne Mfg. Inc. has been producing automotive frame components for Honda of Canada Mfg. in Alliston since July of 1998.

Our products over the have been used to produce the frames for the Honda Odyssey, Pilot, Ridgeline, Civic and CRV models, as well as the Acura CSX, MDX and ZDX models. KTH Shelburne Mfg. Inc. is part of the H-One global automotive network of companies , and one of 4 manufacturing facilities in North America which includes KTH Parts Industries Inc. in St. Paris Ohio , KTH Leesburg Products in Leesburg Alabama , and Kalida Manufacturing Inc. in Kalida, Ohio.

We are very pleased to announce the introduction of a new 400 ton press. This press will further complement our capabilities in the existing stamping area. This planned production is scheduled to begin in July of next year coinciding with the launch of the redesigned 2016 Civic.

With the launch of the redesigned 2016 Civic, KTH has been awarded additional business. With our plant at full capacity and space very limited it has left us with no other option but to expand. We will undertake a 54000 sq/ft expansion to the west side of our building. Upon completion in mid-October, we will begin installation of the welding equipment to support the new growth.

Our success has not only been through the dedication of our associates, the local council and EDC committee has been a valuable resource and asset. The provincial government has supported with some levels of funding and working collaboratively on the challenges we face operating in Ontario. Ontario's manufacturing sector has been an invaluable asset in our pursuit to increase our competitiveness. From a federal perspective we have always been able to have open dialogue and assisted whenever required.

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