Congratulations to EMC Member Jakeman’s Maple Products on their expansion plans!

Jakeman’s Maple Products

It was a very special start to the Canada Day Weekend this year as we participated in a special ground breaking ceremony for Jakeman’s Maple Products near Beachville, Ontario on Friday, June 29th, 2018!

Surrounded by family, friends, suppliers, customers, Economic Development, the Mayor and EMC, we applauded their plan of innovation and growth and congratulated them on this new and exciting journey!

Jakeman’s Maple Products has long been involved in maple syrup production with roots stretching back through five generations! Producing this wonderful iconically Canadian product for this family all started in 1876, when George and Betsy Anne Jakeman left Oxfordshire, England to settle their family in Oxford County, near Woodstock, Ontario. Local Native Canadians taught maple syrup making techniques to the Jakeman family from maple tree sap collection in early spring, to boiling it down over an open wood fire until it was a syrupy golden brown.

In 1919, Ernest Jakeman, purchased his first evaporator, setting it in a crude shelter with no roof. Several years later, a fire in 1969, forced the abandonment of the original sugar shanty site and in the year following, they enlarged the operation, building a new sugar shanty and purchasing a new oil-fired evaporator. A few years later, they moved to the Sweaburg General Store (built in 1855) and today that building now functions as their maple gift shop, antique museum and pancake house.

Bob and Mary Jakeman and family, the fourth generation, continued the tradition of production of the finest maple syrup in Ontario. The business continued to grow and uses newer equipment to grade, blend and bottle than in the past but the traditional methods are still very much used to this day.

Now with the fifth generation at the lead and with Bob and Mary’s guidance and experience, Devin and Chad Jakeman are looking forward to continue innovating with the goal to be a world leader in maple syrup and maple related products.

Member Information

Jakeman’s Maple Products pride themselves on supplying consistently great tasting, local Ontario products, and would like to thank the fine working families of Ontario for supporting their brand. Their staff will grow from the current 15 employees to 25 over the next few years.

“We hope you enjoy our maple syrup as much as we enjoy making it!”

Sincerely, the Jakeman Family.

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