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Harvan Engineering Ltd.

Harvan Engineering Ltd. is proud to announce the addition of a Flow Mach 4 Dynamic Water Jet Cutting System, model 4020b.

This new addition expands the plate cutting capabilities of our Mazak Space Gear 510 MKII 4000W Laser Cutter (5' x 10' Table, 6 axis, Up to 1" Steel or 3/8" Aluminum) so that we can now cut thicknesses up to 24" regardless of the material type. The table is 13' by 6.5' giving us more elbow room as well.

The Water Jet can cut wood, marble, glass, aluminum, steel, paper, textiles, phenolic, plastics, you name it, without getting the product wet! The water jet expands our CNC turning, milling and gear cutting capabilities and will support our fabrication and welding operations.

It couldn't have come at a better time! With the start of Textron's Tap-V and GDLS-C's Lav III Upgrade programs, both for the Canadian Armed Forces, the water jet has been very useful at cutting aluminum checker plate and thick carbon plate steel. It has the added benefit of not heat affecting the material, by discoloring or warping it.

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