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Greenfield Specialty Alcohols Inc.

Canada's Leading Specialty Alcohols Producer is the leading specialty alcohols producer in Canada, with a focus on corn-based bulk industrial alcohol, packaged alcohol and fuel ethanol, as well as associated agricultural co-products. The Company has a leading market share of industrial alcohol and is also the largest ethanol producer in Canada, with an export business in grain neutral spirits.

Head quartered in Toronto, Canada, the Company owns and operates four state of the art manufacturing plants in Canada - all strategically located close to both corn supply and end-user markets. The Company has a focused strategy to successfully and profitably operate its production facilities. In doing so, GreenField focuses on managing commodity risks and strives to maintain an environment of continuous operational improvements to increase efficiency and effectiveness as a low-cost producer.

The Company's production facilities produce a combined 650 mlpy, of which 125 mlpy is industrial and beverage grade alcohol and the balance is fuel grade ethanol. Further, GreenField's plants are designed and constructed with significant redundancy and our quality assurance programs are designed to meet or exceed our customers' stringent quality requirements.

Chatham has one of only three dry mill continuous ethanol producing plants in North America. The facility is uniquely capable of alternating between fuel and industrial ethanol production. "It is truly amazing and very precious for all 70 of our people to have gone home safe and sound every night to our families," said plant manager Angelo Ligori.

ory Cronin, utility reliability co-ordinator, said safety is a culture instilled from the time someone steps on the plant premises until they go home. "It's a safety culture, it comes right from the top, right to the bottom."

This safety culture is also expected of the contractors. Ligori said for the last six years, a total of 200 extra contractors are on the site for a week during the annual plant showdown to perform maintenance.

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