Green kitchens and reducing the effects on the environment

Glenwood Kitchen Ltd.

Founded in 1973, this family owned and operated business, which employs over 100 local people, manufactures custom built kitchen cabinets in Atlantic Canada.

They have set precedent to maintain their high quality of standards and utilize only the best materials and craftsmen available. Their expertise doesn't end at the kitchen; they also offer bathroom vanities, custom wall units and closets as part of their fine line of cabinetry.

Glenwood Kitchen Ltd. is making an effort to limit their carbon footprint. As such, every year they are taking more and more steps to be more environmentally friendly. They have made both big and small changes that will leave a lasting impression. Glenwood is doing things like switching their lights to energy efficient ones and recycling all of their paper.

At the centerpiece of Glenwood Kitchen's environment initiatives is their biomass furnace. Simply put, the dust collection system collects dust and plywood waste throughout the production area and transports them to two silos adjacent to the building. The silos then feed the biomass furnace, which burns the fuel to heat water that circulates to provide all heat required for the plant. They recently upgraded the boiler to an efficient, clean burning furnace that reduces their carbon footprint. Glenwood also uses the most up-to-date technology in cutting and machining products so that they are not throwing away material.

Visit Glenwood Kitchen's website to learn more about their products.

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