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Founded in 1983, Garaga is one of the leading manufacturers of sectional overhead doors in Canada. Garaga designs and manufactures superior garage doors for the residential, commercial and industrial markets. Garaga's distribution network spans across Canada and in the United States from New England to the Upper Midwest.

Garaga is best known for a high quality product and a wide selection of garage doors. Its unbeatable product warranties and its "Garaga Expert" network, assures all Garaga customers that they can count on qualified garage door experts in the sales, installation and repair of garage doors. Garaga, a quality leader!

Garaga produces superior quality garage doors thanks to its two hi-tech garage door manufacturing facilities featuring digital control technology. Both plants are located in Canada (St-Georges, QC and Barrie, ON).

Garaga has grown steadily and built up a solid reputation in the North American industry as a manufacturer of high quality and reliable garage doors. Quality goes far beyond our products. It extends to each and every one of our employees. No matter what the context, you will be surprised by service that exceeds your expectations. Lean Manufacturing

Since 2005, we’ve had a program in place to encourage continuous improvement by adopting technological innovations to increase the flexibility and reliability of our operations, streamlining processes to respond just in time to the needs of our customers and focusing on resolving and preventing issues that could prevent us from exceeding our customers expectations.

To support our growth and the ever increasing variety of products required by our customers, we will be adding 20,000 square feet to our current 70,000 square feet building. We are expecting to have this addition in place by the Fall of 2017.

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