A proud member of EMC and the Brantford Area; Formally Wiltech Welding Ltd.

Galeforce Welding

Galeforce Welding Inc. (formerly Wiltech Welding) in Brantford Ontario is the sister company and trusted partner to David W. Wilson Manufacturing Ltd. in Cathcart ON, and together take pride in supplying various industries with top quality fabricated parts and components.

Galeforce Welding Inc. adheres to CWB certification for both their manual and robotic MIG welding processes, whether it’s a simple weldment from a manual welder or a full assembly off one of nine robotic welding cells. The scope of robotic welding includes six single cells with a 30” radius and 400kg weight capacity, as well as three twin cells that can accommodate up to 24”x24”x84” at 250kg per side. At the 40,000 square foot facility, Galeforce Welding Inc. has the ability to plasma cut, form, weld and powder coat, with additional laser cutting, machining and forming capabilities at its sister company David W. Wilson Manufacturing.

With a deeply-engrained continual improvement culture, Galeforce Welding Inc. embraces the voice of its 40+ employees through participation in the Kaizen program designed to foster creativity and innovation. Employees are rewarded for their effort and most often have a role with the implementation and/or verification steps. You can be assured our skilled team members are committed to meeting our customer’s needs!

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