A Glimpse of an Emerson day

Emerson Industrial Automation

Emerson is dedicated to building a culture based upon values and the needs of the marketplace. Working on developing these from a corporate perspective to a locational one.

Perf(x) (Emerson’s name for Lean) is our guide and there are many things we are working on to develop our vision and improvement path. Emerson finished a Perf(x) assessment in July/Aug and have an action plan to execute improvement. The ‘glimpse of an Emerson day’ is founded in communication and “go and see”. Although much improvement to be made in how it functions, we at least have acceptance that we are in this together and will figure it out together.

At Emerson each day begins with a GEMBA Talk that itemizes the previous day’s events and successes involving the whole plant with representatives from the finance, leadership, manufacturing, human resources, quality and warehouse. Following the talk we go for our GEMBA Walk to specific areas on the plant floor for discussion, decisions and developing leadership opportunities.

EMERSON – APPLETON GROUP is a global manufacturer of electrical products for commercial, industrial, hazardous and adverse environments, that offers the industry’s best known and most highly regarded brands. From the latest innovations to familiar products that have led the industry for decades, the brands of Appleton Group offer durability, safety, quality, easy installation and global availability.

We manufacture and assemble lighting for both hazardous and non-hazardous locations.

Also manufactured in Elmira are hazardous rated control stations, disconnect switches and starters, and distribution panel boards. In addition to the manufacturing facility, an 18,000 square foot warehouse maintains inventory from other global EGS facilities for distribution across Canada.

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