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Ellis Packaging West

The Ellis Packaging West Guelph plant is an FSC® & SFI, ISO standard production facility dedicated to the Lean manufacturing of folding cartons necessary to the very demanding and equally lean segment of The Ellis Group’s Food Processing market.

Numerous cost improving equipment acquisitions and upgrades of the past few years have been fortified by the implementation of our industry unique “Shoplogix” system. This Lean Management tool with embedded software in each of our production assets, calculates “real time” productivity which empowers our production and management personnel with state of the art measurements and cost improvement opportunities, every minute of every day.

Our fully autonomous pre-press digital technology, 6 colour litho & coating, die presses with blanking capability, cello windowing and Q.A. scanned finishing, coupled with a truly dedicated Team, makes us a truly lean and very cost effective manufacturing machine tailor made for the relentless demand for low cost manufacturing of high quality product within the ultra competitive food market of today.

Unique and innovative process control management has allowed Ellis Packaging West to focus its resources on consistently responsive product turnaround, JIT deliveries and extremely cost effective Vendor Managed Inventories.

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