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Eco-Tec Inc., a global supplier of industrial water treatment and chemical recovery systems, is pleased to announce the completion of all work related to the expansion of its manufacturing facility located in Pickering, Ontario.

The expansion adds 50% more working space to the existing facility.

The additional space will allow Eco-Tec to easily accommodate large-scale equipment orders and bring more component production in-house. "This expansion is a significant milestone for Eco-Tec," said Dr. Phillip "Rocky" Simmons, Eco-Tec President and CEO. "We are noticing increasing orders for equipment that can handle larger throughput volumes, particularly from clients in the oil and gas industry. The expansion will allow Eco-Tec to handle these orders in-house, without having to rely on another party, giving it greater control over product quality, while reducing delivery times."

The facility expansion is expected to increase the workforce at Eco-Tec by 15%. New hires will include welders, material handlers, sandblasters and painters.

Eco-Tec was founded in 1970 and currently has its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. Its clients are from all parts of the world, representing a variety of industry segments as diverse as oil and gas, power production, pulp and paper, and metal finishing.

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