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DV Systems

2012 brought a whole new look to the offices and lunchroom of DV Systems as the building was updated and re-decorated. It has an impressive, high tech look done in browns, brick, and glass.

"We work diligently to look after our employees, and many of them have been working with us for their entire career.”

DV systems has been innovative with some business initiatives including introducing a pay for skill based program which included cross training employees and allows for much more flexible staffing and scheduling. Continuous improvement is always at the forefront and the plant operates very efficiently with opportunities for improvement continually being explored and acted upon.

DV Systems products include compressors, air dryers, oil-free solutions and variety of accessories to provide customers with a quality compressed air system.

DV Systems' reputation for extreme quality, in both products and customer service is second to none, and trace its origins back to the early 1900's. Our commitment to quality and respect for the customer has remained constant within the company; this commitment has been the deciding factor in making DV Systems the #1 choice of some of the leading compressor distributors in North America.

In today's world you must invest in research and development and continuously improve your products and processes. DV Systems is continuously investing in R&D, striving to develop broad range of energy efficient air compressors; our development of a direct-driven series of VSD compressors has been very well received by customers. We continue to expand our range of products, including advanced controls and compressed air management systems.

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