Chapman’s Ice Cream Wins International Award

Chapman’s Ice Cream

MARKDALE, ON-- Marketwired - October 24, 2016) On Saturday October 15th, Chapman's Ice Cream was recognized by a panel of its peers for its operational and market achievements in 2016.

Taking home awards in 3 of 5 categories, including Best Ice Cream, Most Innovative Ice Cream, and the newly created Ice Cream Maker of the Year, Chapman's effectively solidified its seat as one of the most prominent, and enterprising independent ice cream manufacturers in the world.

Having secured the IICC award for Most Innovative Ice Cream at the 2015 conference in Canada, the company's success at this year's event is a strong indication of its momentous leadership in the industry.

Chapman's Premium Caramel Saucy Spots ice cream earned the top spot in the Best Ice Cream category, while their Super Saucy Spots Sandwich stole the Most Innovative title for its proprietary ripple injection system.

Chapman's has received rewards for their products from Anaphylaxis Canada for their leadership and commitment to anaphylaxis safety. The company has grown and expanded over the years and even a fire in September 2009 could not keep them down (even though some in the food business thought that the tragedy would be the end of, what was by that time, Canada's largest independent ice cream maker.) The Chapman family used part of the insurance money to keep their employees on the payroll and worked with small ice cream makers to allow Chapman's staff to make products in their factories. As a result of this and inventory that was stored off-site, the company was able to keep supplying customers and, within 7 weeks of the fire, Chapman's had a small factory up and running. They, now, have a new facility that features 17 production lines and makes 100-150 million litres of product annually. The new complex has a distribution centre with a truck garage to maintain over 60 Chapman's delivery trucks, separate buildings for the nut and gluten-free production lines, and it's own waste water treatment plant to recycle the 675,000 litres of water used daily in the cleaning and production processes.

Today, Chapman's Ice Cream stands as a leader in the industry. With the warm weather approaching, the company is extremely busy. We, at EMC, are proud to count Chapman's Ice Cream as one of our valued members and we applaud their success!

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About Chapmans: Chapman's ice cream and frozen yogurts are rich, and creamy, made with 100% Canadian dairy - it's Canada's favourite. Run by the Chapman family since 1973, today it's Canada's largest independent icecream company offering over 100 flavours.

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