Extending Their Safety Culture Beyond the Plant

CGC Inc.

CGC Inc.: National and International Safety Award Winner In 2016 CGC Inc. and its parent company, USG Corporation, received public recognition of their commitment to safety. In Canada, CGC Inc. was a silver recipient of Canada’s Safest Employers Award, and internationally USG Corporation won the National Safety Council’s prestigious Robert W. Campbell Award for its North American operations, including those at CGC Inc.

The Canadian award, presented by Canadian Occupational Safety magazine, recognizes accomplishments in promoting the health and safety of workers. Companies are judged on many occupational health and safety elements, including employee training, OHS management systems, incident investigation, emergency preparedness, and innovative health and safety initiatives.

The Robert W. Campbell Award has a broader focus, and recognizes organizations that achieve excellence through the integration of environmental, health, and safety management into business operations. This approach is commonly known today as the triple bottom line. The Campbell Award is named after the first President of the National Safety Council in the United States, a noted safety pioneer who believed that the success of the safety movement would depend on educating engineers, top executives and the general public on the business benefits of EHS.

USG Corporation won the Robert W. Campbell Award on its first submission, which is a testament to its commitment to working safely: every minute, every task, every day, so that their employees and customers can live life to the fullest. EHS improvements are driven by a Plan–Do–Check–Act mentality that reflects their strong Lean Six Sigma culture, and the company consciously expands its internal safety culture to the communities, homes, and families of those they employ.

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