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As a manufacturer, we are actively involved within our industry and with government regulating bodies as well as standards development and industry code organizations. Canplas has an ongoing commitment to protect our environment by adhering to the fundamentals of 3R programs (Recover, Recycle and Re-use) and through continual manufacturing process improvement.

Canplas is committed to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance and to meeting or exceeding the requirements of all applicable environmental laws and regulations, demonstrating our constant commitment to the environment in various ways:

  • Recycling: Recycling of our manufacturing process and office waste.
  • Energy efficiency: Economising in its use of water and energy.
  • Responsible Manufacturing: Developing manufacturing processes in a manner which enhances the protection of our environment.
  • Product design: Canplas continually refines its product design to maximize efficiency while minimizing waste. Canplas recognizes its responsibility and is continually striving to reduce the environmental impact of the work we do and the products we create.

The Canplas manufacturing location in Barrie, Ontario, Canada is ISO 9001 and 14001 registered facility. Our quality management system has been registered for the design, manufacture and distribution of high quality injection molded products for use in plumbing, industrial, ventilation and central vacuum, serving the building industry. We are also registered for the assembly and distribution of central vacuum systems.

Canplas is a leader in the manufacture of thermoplastic products for the plumbing, vacuum and ventilation markets. With almost 50 years experience in injection molding, Canplas combines progressive manufacturing technologies with innovative designs to develop and manufacture products that meet and exceed both industry standards and the needs of our customers. Pioneering mold design and highly efficient robotics allows Canplas to deliver cost effective, high value product solutions to the industries we serve.

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