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Caframo is a Canadian manufacturer of niche products that help bring comfort and convenience to end users.

The areas that Caframo specializes in are:

  • Heat powered products such as wood stove fans and lanterns
  • Fans and heaters for boats and RV’s
  • Household fans and heaters
  • Laboratory Stirrers and accessories

Tony Solecki will be celebrating his 25th year as owner and President of Caframo coming up in 2019. He has overseen the growth of the company from a small team who oversaw all operations to a workforce of over 100, including onsite Engineering , testing and production staff. Tony has helped to shape Caframo, the small town Wiarton Ontario company, into the globally recognized name that it is today. The focus for Tony and the company remains growth through new products, sales channels and the expansion of the amazing Caframo team.

In the last year Caframo has seen some big wins here in Canada as well as globally! Caframo has purchased a new injection molding machine to allow us to manufacture enough plastic parts, that they have been able to bring the production of all of our marine fans here to Canadian soil.

In tandem, they launched our newest product the Sirocco II cabin fan, which has seen huge popularity in Australia and helped us to develop our business on across the globe. With the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday Caframo launched a new type of Ecofan that featured a Red blade with the Canada 150 logo. This special edition fan was featured at Home Hardware.

Looking forward, in the near future Caframo is looking forward to building a new warehouse on site in Wiarton, ON. With the demand for product increasing along with the size of the Caframo family, the only solution is to keep building! Caframo focuses on a local charity every year, and for a full calendar year raises money for the charity that the employees vote to support. This year, Caframo has raised approximately $16,000 for the Tea Time Quilters, a local group of ladies who make quilts for people in need in the community. Caframo hopes that this donation will help to provide warmth for all who need it.

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