Supporting Industry Through the Manufacturing Recovery & Support Program

Coaching and Mentorship

With the continued support of ACOA, our goal is to provide assistance to Atlantic Canada organizations during unprecedented circumstances; to set a different mindset towards solutions, to be innovative in exploring circumstantial opportunities while ensuring the well-being of an over-extended staff, to fill vacant positions and yes, even grow!


We can in no way assume the specific challenges, or maybe even opportunities, that the Pandemic has caused for each individual manufacturer, but this program is an opportunity for you to raise your hand and receive some relevant, funded support.

We understand many challenges manufacturers were facing before the pandemic have been accentuated. We are here to support you in growth and moving forward!

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) in partnership with Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) has launched a coaching program helping manufacturers better understand the current situation they face by identifying and supporting a clear path forward.

Coaching & Subject Matter Expert Support

With EMC and ACOA’s Recovery Coaching sessions, manufacturing leaders receive hands-on support for facilitating improved productivity and engagement throughout their organization.

Up to 40 one-on-one opportunities are available. These opportunities are available on a first come, first served basis. Coaching sessions are intended to provide individual manufacturers or leaders with hands-on support in planning, mapping and deploying steps to return to productivity, as well as engage improvements along the way.

In-Person /On-Line Workshop Learning

Series for Manufacturing:

  • Issues Affecting Manufacturing
  • Culture Assessment / Culture Driven Attraction and Retention
  • Change Management Leadership
  • A Modern Approach to Continuous Improvement and Automation
  • Green Skills / Carbon Measurement and Reduction
  • How to Become an Attractive Employer for Women

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Joan Richard
Operations Manager, Eastern Canada
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