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Given the ever increasing labour shortage across most if not all sectors, which shortage will only intensify, Robert established Y International to help companies be successful and grow by navigating the international recruiting, immigration and integration dynamics. He is also very passionate about enriching immigrant lives with employment opportunities here in Canada which also greatly benefits the Canadian economy. His WHY is enriching lives, communities and the economy.

Who is Y International? ROBERT BROUILLETTE, Hnrs. B.A., LL B.

Robert is a business owner and lawyer, licensed to practice Immigration Law in Ontario. Robert graduated with his LLB from l’Universite de Moncton in 1995. He practiced primarily civil litigation in Sudbury while also working in sports law with a firm based in Chicago for almost 10 years before switching career paths to become Owner and CEO of multiple companies.

In 2006 while the General Manager of City Welding in Sudbury, Robert turned to international recruiting to fill what was fast becoming a serious skilled labour shortage in Northern Ontario. Since then, Robert has hired skilled candidates from Romania, Tunisia, Philippines, Morocco and recently Mexico for his welding operations. The company has also retained most of these immigrants, many of which are now Permanent Canadian Residents or Canadian Citizens with their families.

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