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Direct Bill Programs

Like you, we think great service and products can go hand-in-hand with locally competitive pricing. That’s why we’re excited about EMC Direct; direct bill programs we have negotiated with carefully selected, like-minded partners. EMC Direct continues to grow and evolve as we explore and add new product categories. Put EMC Direct to work for you.


eShipper is a complete web-based shipping solution that allows businesses to easily ship and save on all of your day to day shipping requirements. With eShipper, it’s easy to process all of your shipments right from your computer, anywhere, anytime. Whether you need to ship product across the country, or around the world eShipper can help you every step of the way. E-Shipper delivers savings from 15% to 30% off of your pre-negotiated rates, right on one single invoice, even if you use multiple carriers

Office Supplies

With the improved Staples Business Advantage™ program, EMC Members will get preferred pricing on all chosen product categories, on top of Staples Business Advantage™ Everyday Low Online Pricing. Manufacturers that enrol will immediately receive unbeatable pricing on 40 of SBA's top office products and then begin to build a customized core product list for their business. Even if you currently use Staples as a supplier we can switch you over to this program, so you can take advantage of the savings.

Machine Monitoring

FreePoint’s solutions provide the analytic tools, dashboards, report generators, and information distribution tools that give you actionable info now, when you need it. You can send information to any screen or tablet or cell phone easily; it’s your information, you can package it, send it, display it, or report it in whichever fashion you prefer. Through program, EMC Members can take advantage of a 10% discount on product and installation, as well as 1 day of training.


LBMX Cloud Based EDI (Exchanging Data Electronically) allows you to connect electronically with all of your customers and suppliers. This model means you do not need to purchase specialized software and train people how to use it. LBMX does all of the heavy lifting for you to connect and support your customer’s needs. Outsource your EDI - you’ve got other great work to do. Through this program, EMC Members receive a 30% on setup fees and 10% discounts on recurring fees.

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Manager EMC Direct Programs
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