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Jervis B. Webb Company

Jervis B. Webb Company has landed a $17-million contract with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA).

In a phased approach, Webb will install seven new crossovers, add five Security in Advance (SIA) matrix systems (in-line scale, camera, Automatic Tag Reader (ATR), and two Manual Encode Baggage Image and Weight Identification System (BIWIS) stations.

The work includes modifications and additions to the baggage handling system to support a new operation, allowing transborder passengers to check in at three aisles to reduce transfer time and congestion.

“Based on our relationship and past performance at GTAA, we were able to secure this new project. We remain dedicated in developing and modifying systems to best serve our client’s needs,” said Rob Schmit, President of Jervis B. Webb Company. “Our baggage handling experts continue to focus on providing dependable and efficient systems that improve the overall travel experience for passengers flying in and out of Toronto.”

Jervis B. Webb Company is a leading developer of innovative material handling technology and systems. Webb specializes in the design, engineering, installation and support of integrated systems used in the automotive, airport, bulk, manufacturing and distribution industries.

Daifuku provides baggage handling systems and service at hundreds of global installations. The airport group consists of Jervis B. Webb Company, BCS Group, Daifuku Logan, Logan Teleflex and Elite Line Services (ELS).

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