Funding for Manufacturing Essentials Certification Programs

Pay for Performance


The Pay for Performance (PFP) in Manufacturing project will pilot test the feasibility and effectiveness of a new funding model to support investments in the Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium’s innovative Manufacturing Essential Certification (MEC) program. The model encourages investment, reward success, and improve our workers’ skills.


Companies will be reimbursed up to 70% of training costs, provided program outcomes are achieved. Cost of training is $3,000 per participant. $3,000 X 70% = $2,100 maximum reimbursement.


We have worked closely with employers in the manufacturing sector to select outcomes that were relevant, measurable, and meaningful. The PFP model pays employers when they achieve three program outcomes.

  1. Participant Certification – Whether a participant has met all program requirements to receive their certification
  2. Participant Skill Gains - By completing a pre and post survey, participants evaluate their skill gain. To be successful each participant must show improvement in 1 of the 4 MEC Core Competencies: Effective Communication Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Team Work & Collaboration and Leadership Skills
  3. Workplace Performance Support - Employers have an important role to play in supporting participant’s success and are expected to support participants throughout their Workplace Performance Project WPP). This may include actions such as providing guidance on choosing a project that will bring Return on Investment to their workplace or providing participants with sufficient time to work on their project during the workday.

Upcoming Virtual Sessions - Provincial: MEC Health & Safety (Ontario) - October 12th

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For information and/or available dates of other certification streams, please contact:

Amy Edwards
Training Manager
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